Transit Campus

CSE Laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped to empower the students for reinforcing the concepts in the domain of: • Data Structures and Algorithms • Database Management Systems • Compiler Design and Construction • Operating System • Introduction to Programming • Networking Lab • Java programming lab • Object oriented analysis and design lab • Data Analytics lab • Machine Learning lab • Artificial Intelligence lab

ECE Laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped to empower the students for reinforcing the concepts in the domain of: • Electronics, Microprocessor, Microcontrollers, Digital Electronics • Embedded systems, Control Systems, System Modeling and Programming • Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) • Chip Designing (VLSI), Speech Processing, Analog Electronics • Digital Communication, Wireless Communication • Sensors and Internet of Things

Physics Laboratory

The premise of the scientific method is that nature is the ultimate judge of the truth of any physical theory. Indeed, experiments designed to prove certain ideas have often ended up showing them to be wrong. Physics lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered. They get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. Students are made to use the models and understand different scientific theories and concepts. Physics can be fun but it can also be dangerous because you can be working with any kind of objects that may be able to harm you or someone else. You must know your lab equipment and how to use it for not only your experiment but also faults that may occur during or after the experiment.


IIIT Dharwad maintains the campus network backbone connectivity and internet connections on 24×7 basis. The IT Park has wired connectivity and also Wi-Fi Routers have been installed for benefit of students and faculty with a bandwidth of 50 Mbps. IIIT-Dharwad provides the campus backbone services with Multi-Core OFC using 50 Mbps. It houses the 50 Mbps Internet connection to STPI, associated networking equipments and sufficient hardware to handle the critical backbone network services. IIIT-Dharwad augments the academic departments’ needs through its own modest LAN of 60 nodes .The computers of IIIT-Dharwad are used to support Computational Practice Labs, General Purpose Learning & Internet access, & various co-curricular and other student activities. Power The facility has a 10KVA UPS that was established in 2015 online UPS systems procured for providing backup power during the changeover and also UPS systems provide the power backup to the LAN.


Games and sports help students to remain fit, motivated, focused and socially connected. It is important for everyone to take part in sporting events in walks of campus life. IIIT Dharwad wishes that students perform the best and hence provides its students with facilities for sports and games. The Institute encourages active participation of the students in sports especially through events like the General Championship and the prestigious annual Inter-IIIT Sports Meet. Inter IIIT sports meet is zealously organized every year in which brilliant athletes from each IIIT participate to make their Institute proud. Facilities have been installed by the Institute to play cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess and carrom.


There are four well-furnished rooms available in the transit campus for guests and visiting faculty members. There are three hostels for boys and one hostel for girls. Hostels are rented buildings which are near to the campus. All hostels are located in the area which has mini-canteens, co-operative stores, textbook shops and hospital. Hostel provides English News paper daily in respective hostels. Hostels also have Wi-Fi facility, twenty-four hours’ water supply, hot-water facility and electricity (with power back up). The entire four hostels have their respective mess and students are provided with breakfast, tea/coffee, lunch, high tea and dinner. There are 190 boys who have availed the hostel facility with 53 staying in the first hostel and second hostel 110 students and 27 are staying in third hostel. Each hostel has an administrative staff for managing it under the council headed by warden. Similarly, 37 girls have availed the hostel facility. Hostel “Revankar Building” has 20 female students of first year and “Anchal” has 17 female students of 2nd and 3rdyear. Bus facility is available from hostel to Institute. By keeping security of all the students in mind, each hostel has provided with security guards and CCTV camera surveillance.
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IIIT Dharwad Library is user-focused and aims to develop, organize, preserve and deliver information for the IIIT Dharwad community. The library is computerized using the library management software Koha. The library has a collection of over 4000 volumes (500 titles) and subscribes to magazines and newspapers. The library is currently exploring new technologies for further automation and is planned to transform itself completely to become a Knowledge Resources Center in the upcoming campus.