Faculty Development Program

Event Description:

Before the start of networking of computers, communication media were separate and their services were distinct like in case of TV & radio broadcasting, voice telephony. Evolution of computer networking started way back in 1969 with the development of APRANET, which led to the birth of Internet. In due course of time mobile and wireless networks made tremendous growth in generations of cellular networks. Currently, 4th & 5th generations are the talk of the society. In response to the rapidly growing customer demands, network convergence has become the backbone of any digital Internet activity. Software‐defined networking (SDN) technology is one of the approaches to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically efficient network configuration than traditional network management. This 5‐Day FDP focuses on the latest topics in wireless communication and networking technologies in general, specifically 5G( and beyond) telecom networks, energy harvesting technologies, Information Centric Networks and SDNs, including hands‐on sessions.

Who should attend?

- Faculty who is teaching or doing research in communication/networking field

- Students/Research Scholars

- Industry practitioners


  • Start date July 08 2019
  • End date July 12 2019
  • Ticket price: Students: Rs.2000/-
    Faculty : Rs.5000/-
    Industry practitioners: Rs.10,000/-


  • Place IIIT Dharwad
  • Street IT Park
  • City Hubli


  • Technical Sponsors
    Saankhya Labs, Bengaluru.
  • Name Dr. Kavi Mahesh & Dr. Rajendra Hegadi
  • Contact 8827382264