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IIIT Dharwad BTech Curriculum - Key Points

  • Outcome Based Education (OBE) Framework: Curriculum focuses on achieving well-defined program objectives.
  • Course Mix:
    • Foundational theory & core subjects: 30%
    • Engineering, mathematics & sciences: 25%
    • Soft skills & humanities: 10%
    • Contemporary elective subjects: 25%
    • Project-based learning: 10% (mini & major projects)
  • Open Electives: Students can choose specialized courses from any program.
  • Flexible Learning: No coursework in the eighth semester allows for full-semester internships or major projects.
  • Academic Autonomy: IIIT Dharwad has its own Academic Senate for curriculum decisions.
  • Credit-Based System: Enables self-paced progress for students.
  • Assessment: Continuous assessment and relative grading system with grade points.
  • Modern Curriculum: Focused on IT with elective options in data science, AI, and other in-demand fields.
  • Practical Learning: Mini projects, major projects, and hackathons provide practical experience.