About IIIT Dharwad

IIIT Dharwad is an Institute of National Importance set up in 2015 in Public-Private-Partnership mode between the Ministry of Education, Government of India, Government of Karnataka and industry partner Keonics under an Act of Parliament (23 of 2017). The primary objective of setting up IIIT-Dharwad is to address the skill gap in high-end information technology and thereby enable India to retain its global leadership role in IT and allied areas. Towards this end, IIIT-Dharwad offers BTech degree programmes in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. As an Institute of National Importance, IIIT-Dharwad focuses on applying IT to solve problems of social relevance to India – the kind of solutions that do not usually result from the commercial forces of market dynamics or the priorities of the Western world outside of India. At the same time, IIIT-Dharwad also adopts a semi-modern theme in its campus design and approach to solving IT problems.

The logo of IIIT-Dharwad also embraces a semi-modern theme and brings out an effective mental image of information technology. It is simple, elegant, catchy, stylish and colourful yet stately. It enables interpretation with ease in terms of the Vision and Mission Statements of the Institute, the various programmes offered by the Institute and the different areas of IT namely computer science, electronics and communication engineering, software, artificial intelligence, computer and social networks, robotics and cyber-physical systems, data sciences, and the like. As a young institute, IIIT Dharwad has a unique opportunity to make a difference not only to the Indian IT industry and the academic research community, but also to the people of the entire region of North Karnataka. The twin cities of Hubballi and Dharwad are already a recognized center for educational institutes of repute including engineering, medical, law and other colleges, universities and an Indian Institute of Technology. With this environment and rapidly improving connectivity to the IT capital Bengaluru, IIIT Dharwad is strategically positioned to develop into one of the best institutes of national importance.

Officiating Director & Officiating Chairperson

Prof VenkappayyA R dEsAi

is a distinguished Engg Academician with 33+ years of full time teaching experience, out of which 27+ years have been Indian Institute of Tech, Kharagpur (IIT Kgp), W Bengal (WB), India.

He obtained his B Engg {Civil} degree in 1983 from BVB Coll of Engg and Tech (BVBCET), HubbaLLi, KarnATaka (KA) [presently known as KLE Tech University]; M Tech {Hydraulic and Water Resources Engg (HWRE)} degree in 1986 from the Karnataka Regional Engg Coll (KREC), Surathkal [presently known as the National Institute of Tech, KA (NITK); PhD in Civil Engg in 1993 from Clemson Univ, Clemson, S Carolina (SC), USA.

He joined the Department of Civil Engg, in 1994, after a full time UG teaching experience of 5+ years {in SDM Coll of Engg & Tech (SDMCET), dhArwAD, KA and BVBCET HubbaLLi, KA as well as in Clemson Univ, Clemson SC, USA}.

During his long association with IIT Kgp, he has the following milestones to his credit:
• Co-authored a text book on ‘Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulics’ published by Science Publishers, Enfield, NH, USA in 2006
• Co-ordinated two All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) sponsored short term courses [in 1998-99 and in 2010-11 on ‘Sustainable Development through     Integrated Water Resources Planning and Mgt’ and on ‘Green Infrastructure’, respectively]
• Served as Dean, Faculty and subsequently as Dean, Faculty of Engg and Architecture (FoEA) for 2.5 years [starting from Apr 2020] till Sep 2022 last week
• Visited and presented a technical paper each [as lead author/sole author]
        1. In Three Gorges Dam Project City, Yichang, Hubei, China [in 1999, on ‘A small Hydropower project proposal in Sub Himalayan W Bengal’]
        2. In Houston, Texas, USA [in 2006 on ‘Holistic Environmental Education through sustainable Habitats’]
        3. In Univ of Mauritius, Reduit, Mauritius [in 2010 on ‘Qualitative & quantitative water conservation considerations’]

He has served IIT Kgp as
• National Service Scheme (NSS) Program Officer, for 3 years;
• Asst Warden/ Warden/ Coordinating Warden Allotment, for 7+ years;
• Engg Drawing & Computer Graphics Course Coordinator, for 8+ years and
• Chairman, Students Brotherhood Fund Committee (SBFC), for 12+ years.

In IIT Kgp, Professor Desai [along with his team of two Associate Deans of FoEA] was looking after the student and faculty related academic affairs, in 12 out of 19 departments, 6 out of 15 centers and 6 out of 15 schools, during Oct 2020 - Sep 2022.

At the National level, he is now serving as the Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) member, National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC); as an Executive Committee (EC) member, AICTE; as a Member, Board of Governors (BoG), National Institute for Technical Teachers’ Training and Research (NITTTR) Kolkata, WB; a Synergy Committee Member for NAAC, National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). Professor Desai has professional interests in
• integrated Watershed Mgt (IWM),
• flood/ drought mitigation/ mgt,
• green infrastructure (i.e., climate resilient water and/ or energy related infrastructure),
• promoting voluntary afforestation through Indian Knowledge System (IKS) on VarshA nakshatrANi /Vriksha nakshatrANi (i.e., precipitation constellations/     vegetation constellations) as well as in
• linking modern science and technology with scientific and technical material available in classical Indian languages like Samskrita, KannaDa, etc.

Our Family



“To be a globally renowned academy of information technology for societal development.”


i. To produce globally competent information technology professionals with the right mix of professional skills and ethical, societal and environmental concerns.
ii. To solve local problems using global technologies and solve global problems using local technologies across disciplines.
iii. To project the nation to the forefront of information technology research and development.

Core Values

Integrity, Service, Positivity, Commitment and Passion for Technology

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