About IIIT Dharwad

IIIT Dharwad is an Institute of National Importance set up in 2015 in Public-Private-Partnership mode between the Ministry of Education, Government of India, Government of Karnataka and industry partner Keonics under an Act of Parliament (23 of 2017). The Institute offers BTech and PhD programs and is about to move to its spacious permanent campus of 60 acres near Dharwad (between Oct and Dec 2020). As a not-for-profit institute of higher learning in the area of Information Technology (IT), the primary objective of IIIT Dharwad is to address the skill gap in high-end information technology and thereby enable India to retain its global leadership role in IT and allied areas. The Institute’s Chairperson Smt. Sudha Murty, Board of Governors, and Senate constitute highly eminent leaders from administration, academia, and industry. They are instrumental in steering the institute in the right direction. IIIT Dharwad is a self-sustaining PPP Institute where all running expenses including salaries are met by the tuition and other fees paid by students.

Chairperson's message

“As the Chairperson of the Board of Governors of IIIT Dharwad, I would like to share a slice of wisdom with the young generation around us: Vision without action is merely a dream; action without vision is merely passing time; but vision and action together can change the world. We can give our children only two things in life which are essential – strong roots and powerful wings. Afterwards, they may fly anywhere and live independently; of all the luxuries in life, the greatest one is getting freedom of the right kind. To come up in life, the young generation requires talent, hard work, drive, and ability to communicate genuinely with people. With my experience in life, I feel that having good relationships, compassion, and peace of mind is much more important than achievements, awards, degrees, or money. Hence, we should always have a definite aim in life which we must try to achieve while being of help to others. I wish IIIT Dharwad great success in shaping young minds into professionals with the best of skills coupled with the highest of values.” - Smt. Sudha Murty, Chairperson of Board

Director's message

"One of the key strengths of this young Institute is its highly qualified and committed faculty with expertise in a wide range of areas of information technology and with PhDs and research as well as industry experience from reputed institutes in India and abroad. As a young institute, IIIT Dharwad has a unique opportunity to make a difference not only to Indian IT industry and the academic research community, but also the people of the entire region of North Karnataka. The twin cities of Hubballi and Dharwad are already a recognized centre for educational institutes of repute including engineering, medical, law and other colleges, universities and an Indian Institute of Technology. With this environment and rapidly improving connectivity to the IT capital Bengaluru, IIIT Dharwad is strategically positioned to develop into one of the best institutes of national importance. I consider it my duty and privilege to place on record the guidance, direction and support provided by the Board of Governors. I also thank the faculty and staff for their continued energy, enthusiasm and efforts in providing state of the art education to our students for their overall growth. In conclusion, I deem it our privilege to work in this fledgling institution." - Dr. Kavi Mahesh, Director

Our Family



“To be a globally renowned academy of information technology for societal development.”


i. To produce globally competent information technology professionals with the right mix of professional skills and ethical, societal and environmental concerns.
ii. To solve local problems using global technologies and solve global problems using local technologies across disciplines.
iii. To project the nation to the forefront of information technology research and development.

Core Values

Integrity, Service, Positivity, Commitment and Passion for Technology

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